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Conditions of Use : L'Atelier de Penelope

Conditions of Use

Note : the following abbreviations will be used to ease the reading:
     * « LAP »  refers to l’atelier de Pénélope
     * « Buyer »   refers to yourself, as a client of LAP on this website.

A.  Acceptance of the general conditions.

The general conditions mentioned here in after apply to all online purchases on this website. Please read them carefully before confirming your order. LAP commits to confirming the acceptance or the refusal of an order via post mail, telephone or email within the five (5) working days following the receipt of your order.

B.  Method of payment and settlement of a sale.

LAP accepts  VISA and Mastercard , Discover for any online purchases. If you want ot pay via PayPal, we will contact you for the proceed when the order will be ready for the shippment. Please call the store to give your numbers. If you want to pay by PayPal, wait that we personnally confirm and send you the invoice before proceed. Canadian buyers can also pay with a cheque or a money order. To do so, you will need to print and fill out the LAP order form and attach it to your cheque or money order. Postal orders must be sent within the thirty (30) days following the confirmation of the order (this avoids price fluctuations of the products). The products will be mailed out after receipt and settlement of the full payment of the purchase. Please note that we do not accept purchases on credit.

Sales can be settled only if LAP accepts and confirms the buyer's order. Online purchases must be worth over 30.00 $ of merchandise (otherwise, the products will not be shipped out). The payment will be processed, once the cheque has been cashed in and validated by a financial institution or according to the data processing of the buyer's credit card company. If your order is less than 30,00 $, a freight of not less de 3,50 $ will be charge for handling.

All cheques must be payable to: l'atelier de Pénélope inc.

The full payment must be attached to any purchases and be sent to :

     L’atelier de Pénélope Inc.  
     208-8420, av. Lespérance
     Québec (Québec)  G2K 1M3  Canada

Please wait until LAP has confirmed your order before sending any money via post mail. Never send cash through post mail :  LAP will not be held responsible for any loss of your order and its payment.

LAP reserves the right to not accept an order and its payment for any reason, particularly related to the lack of availability, to a problem with the ordering process or to a predictable problem related to the shipping process.

C.  Parties's obligations (l’atelier de Pénélope towards the buyer)

     1° l’atelier de Pénélope's obligations:
a) LAP commits to deliver products in accordance to the buyer's order. However, orders are limited to the availability of stock.
b) LAP commits to sending the products within : the eight (8) days following the acceptance of an order in Canada and the USA and within fifteen (15) days for other countries. We will not be held accountable for any delays caused by the postal services. Moreover, the delivery times listed above are suggestions only and in no situation will LAP be held responsible for causing delays in the sending process of the products. Delivery delays do not justify the cancellation of an order nor justify asking for any allowances. Delays do not justify applying any penalty to LAP.

     2° the buyer's obligations:
a) The buyer assures LAP that he has all the necessary authorisations in hand that allow him to use the method of payment of his choice. The buyer commits to settle the full amount of his order as well as the delivery expenses.
b) The buyer commits to provide LAP with an address where the order can be delivered during daytime hours and working days.
c) For buyer who is outside of Canada, the buyer commits to settle the sum of money stipulated by LAP to LAP. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for any taxes or custom duties related to the delivery of the order. Returns of products due to problems related to customs and taxes will not be accepted.

D.  Fixing the prices of the products and applicable taxes.

     1° All prices listed in this catalogue refer to the following units: 

a) For threads: they are sold by skein, except where indicated otherwise ; ex.: you can not  order less than one (1) skein.
b) For books and charts :  the unit is one (1) book or one (1) chart. They do not contain any other item, unless specified in catalogue.
c) For kits: a specific description accompanies each kit and describes what the kit includes.
d) For fabrics: they are sold by the metre. The minimum amount of fabric to be sold is 0,50 m (50 cm). Fabrics are sold by portions of 0,10 m (10 cm). Ex. : 0,50 m, 0,60 m, 2,80 m, etc. If you need 0,73m of fabric, you will need to round up and order 0,80 m (80 cm). Please note that fabrics sold by the metre are non-returnable and non-refundable.
e) For tools, frames, jewellery and all other items : the unit is one (1) and is presented as described in the catalogue. Sometime you will see more than one item in same picture, you will receive only one (1) if you order one (1).
f) When you place an order, the maximum of units you can order is 999. In other words, you can not order more than 999 of a same item in one order.

     2° Prices are fixed and can not be bargained or negotiated. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars, which is the only currency accepted for all purchases. All transactions will be done in Canadian dollars. After placement of an order, transportation and taxes are added to the price.

a) Applicable taxes for the province of Québec, Canada : 

     * 5 % PST  (the only tax used for purchases of books with ISBN numbers)
     * 9.975 % QST (tax that is not charged for books with ISBN numbers)

b) Applicable taxes for Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland: 13 % HST

c) Applicable taxes for Prince Edward Island: 14 % HST

d) Applicable taxes for Nova Scotia: 15 % HST

e) Applicable taxes for others Canadian provinces:  5 % PST

f) No taxes will be charged by LAP for deliveries outside of Canada.

E.  Transportation and delivery.

Orders will be delivered to the address provided to LAP when the buyer places his/her order. The delivery address can be different than the billing address.

Packages will be sent via Canada Post and insured for the value of the ordered products. Products to be delivered outside of Canada are insured and a Duties Declaration is attached to the package.

Delivery fees are calculated according to the weight of your order and to the distance between the store and your delivery address. Orders where the weight exceeds 25kg will be sent in a few separate packages (additional fees may apply).

Each order and delivery address is carefully verified before delivery. All items listed in order are included in the package. Each order will have a commercial receipt attached to it. Events of any kind occuring outside of LAP's will, causing a delay or detaining the delivery of an order can cause LAP to waive its obligations, without any indemnities payable by the buyer.

In no way do delivery delays justify the cancellation of an order nor justify asking for any allowances. Delays do not justify applying any penalty to LAP or applying for any compensations for damages.

The choices for the delivery process are the following:

1° Print your order, post it with the appropriate and full payment attached to it (please wait for the confirmation of receipt of your order by LAP and remember to post your payment within 30 days after receiving confirmation).
2° Place your order, for the available items and cancel the ones that are not available.
3° Place your order when all items ordered will be available. You want to wait for all items to be ready and sent in one package.
4° Place your order and pick it up at the store, after confirmation that your order is ready for pick-up by LAP. (You will need to pick your order up within the fifteen (15) days after being notifed that your products are ready. Unless you have settled the full payment of your order, the merchandise will not be held for you after those fifteen (15) days).
5°  Cancel your order, if some items are not available.

F.  Return and refund.

Any returns of products have to be approved by LAP. Any fees related to returns are to be paid by the buyer. Returns will not be approved if kits have been opened, if threads have been cut, if fabrics have been cut, if frames and tools present signs of use or if the original product packaging is missing. Moreover, copyrights on books, charts and patterns do not allow any returns. The buyer has seven (7) days after receiving his order to advise LAP of any mistake or problem, before returning an item. Please note that a returning fee (equivalent to 20% of the value of each item) can be charged to the buyer.

G.  Limits of responsability.

The buyer is the only person responsible for the choice of items after confirmation of his order. The buyer is also responsible for the use and conservation of the products, after their deliverey. In no case will LAP be held accountable for misuse or any damages caused to the products by the buyer, after receiving the delivery.  LAP acts under the Canadian laws surrounding merchandise and will not be accountable for failure to respect laws prevailing in countries other than Canada.

H.  Settlement of disputes.

Any dispute will come under the Canadian jurisdiction act.

I.   Other legal matters.

All orders done in fraudulent manners or for fraudulent purposes are strictly forbidden. Failure to respect any of the conditions previously mentioned will put an end to the buyer's rights of purchase.

     Quebec Enterprise Number (QEN) :   2261502647
     Federal Tax ID Number (PST/HST) :  84076 0078 RT0001
     Provincial Tax Number (QST) :          1056148406

This website is accessible from the address : www.latelierdepenelope.com . This website belongs solely to l’atelier de Pénélope. This website is presented by Processol. The person in charge of this website is Mr. Guillaume Lord. The technical residence of this website is located at ___.

Commercial use of this website and its content is reserved to the exclusive use of l’atelier de Pénélope. Any use other than by l’atelier de Pénélope will be considered as a breach of the law.

Security and Confidentiality.

Any information you provide when creating your account on this website will remain of exclusive use to l'atelier de Pénélope, who can not divulge them. The information you provide on this website will be essentially used for orders and data processing. You will still be able to modify or edit any information details, by using the "identifiers" provided in the confirmation of subscription you will recieve via email.
If you have lost these identifiers, you can ask us to send your password to your email address. In case of a change of email address or if you want to edit or suppress any of your information, you can also contact us via email (___). 
Your subscription and the information you provide on this website will be essentially used for orders and data processing.

Important note related to all photos presented in this catalogue: none of the items presented will be accompanied by the frame, the finishing material or any other decorative objects presented on the photograph, unless specified otherwise. Moreover, the items offered are meant to be used for he "construction" of the embroidery pieces. In no case will you purchase (unless specified otherwise) finished, embroidered or finely worked products. We sell the necessary material you will use yourself for the execution of the finished items presented on the website.