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How to Order : L'Atelier de Penelope

How to Order

A.  Sign up for an account.

To order from l’atelier de Pénélope you must fill out the online subscription form in the section "my account". Boxes accompanied by an asterisk must be provided. You must choose a method of payment. If you choose "payment via post mail", you will need to print out your confirmed order form and mail it out, with the appropriate cheque or money order attached to it (please wait for confirmation before sending your payment). If you choose to pay by credit card, you will need to call the store or contact us to give us your credit card number and the expiry date. For you own security for the moment we cann't proceed via the web site. 

When you are finished, you must send your information and wait for a confirmation of subscription for an account. This section is secured and the enclosed information will be used by l’atelier de Pénélope solely for your purchases through this online catalogue.

You will need to fill out the subscription form only once, unless your information will need to be changed. However, please update any changes. If you need to make any changes, sign in to your account with your password, make the necessary changes and wait for a confirmation.

Moreover, please read and agree to the sales conditions, as it is mandatory for you own security and that of l’atelier de Pénélope.

B.  Ordering online.

Online ordering is very simple. Browse through the sections you find interesting, by clicking on the name of the section or on the photo that represents the section. When you find an item that you want to order, indicate the quantity (with a number) in the appropriate box and click on "add to my cart" .
If you need more than one item in a same page, indicate the quantity for each item then click on "add to my cart" at the bottom of each page. When you have finished browsing and shopping, click on "proceed to order" and follow the instructions.

In the order form page, you will be able to change the quantities, add or delete items.

A comment box is included in the order form for you to write any comments about your order. Please limit your note to 350 characters.

In conclusion, we would like to request you to be conciliatory with us, since it is our first year and will have to adjust to consumer demand. 

Important note related to all photos presented in this catalogue: none of the items presented will be accompanied by the frame, the finishing material or any other decorative objects presented on the photograph, unless specified otherwise. Moreover, the items offered are meant to be used for he "construction" of the embroidery pieces. In no case will you purchase (unless specified otherwise) finished, embroidered or finely worked products. We sell the necessary material you will use yourself for the execution of the finished items presented on the website.