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Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp, 28 Watt : L'Atelier de Penelope

Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp, 28 Watt

With bright 28W daylight(TM) light, the unique 17.5cm/7" XR(TM) lens and the new Free-Motion head-joint(TM), this lamp combines the latest innovations in lighting design. These new features make your lamp extremely easy to operate and reliable.

The daylight(TM) energy saving tube ensures that you have plenty of comfortable daylight light to work with. Our XR technology(TM) makes the lens 50% lighter, extra resistant and easy to clean. And the new head-joint guarantees you precise and smooth positioning of your lamp without constantly having to tighten the wing-nut.

The lamp includes an electronic ballast so you can work longer in comfortable light and it has our Quick Lens Swap System(TM) so you can increase the magnification in seconds without any tools.

Key Features

  • Powerful 28W daylight™ energy saving tube (205w equiv.) 
  • Unique crystal clear 17.5cm/7” XR lens™ to see more of your work (1.75X, 3 diopter) 
  • The XR technology™ makes the lens 50% lighter and extra resistant 
  • New Free-Motion head-joint™, guarantees precise & smooth positioning 
  • Lamp brightness 5520 Lux at 15cm and 2170 Lux at 30cm 
  • Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 1900 lm 
  • No more wing nuts with the Free-Motion head-joint™ and the internal spring arm 
  • Flicker-free electronic ballast, work for longer in optimal comfort 
  • High quality metal arm for optimal flexibility and durability 
  • Quick Lens Swap System™, increase the magnification in seconds and without any tools 
  • Solid lamp stem and sturdy metal clamp for tables and trolleys 
  • Practical lens cover to protect the lens from sun and dust 
  • 2 additional higher magnification lenses available separately
  •  Dedicated table and floor stands available separatel


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