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Easy Grapher Professionnal 2004 : L'Atelier de Penelope

Easy Grapher Professionnal 2004

EasyGrapher Professional 2004 is needlework software for designers who want to create more complex cross stitch charts and also charts for needlepoint, Hardanger, Bargello, and other needlework. It has all the features that EasyGrapher Home and EasyGrapher Specialty have, plus a lot more. (We call it our "kitchen sink" program.)

So what is so special about EG Pro 2004 and how is it better than our other two charting programs? An easy comparison is simply that it lets you combine cross stitch charting abilities with those for needlepoint, Hardanger, and other similar styles. Today's designers are more and more melding different areas of needlework into more complex and interesting designs. EG Pro lets you do that.

It also has features to help in publishing your charts. Our powerful Export command is a flexible way for you to transfer charts to word processing and desktop publishing programs. This means you can design a complete leaflet, booklet, or classroom materials without having to do physical cutting and pasting. We were one of the first to have this ability and we provide more flexibility in exporting than most, if not all, other design programs.

There are many features that are useful for customizing charts to give them a more polished appearance. For example, you can place text on top of a chart with the Annotate command, in which you control the text's size, font, and placement and you can even draw circles or rectangles around text. This can be used to label bands in a band sampler or to place a copyright notice directly on the chart.

Other commands let you:

  • draw arrows just like lines
  • convert a chart from cross stitch to needlepoint and back
  • convert a selected area from "over two" to "over one" and back
  • create and use font, stitch, and pattern libraries
  • draw curved stitches

One of the program's more powerful features is its unequaled ability to let you use a wide variety of lines in a chart to represent different colors of stitches - and when you print the chart you can actually tell the different lines apart! EG Pro has 18 different line styles. This may not sound like many, but the program also lets you control the width of the line and, in some cases, its thickness. So, for example, you can have 3 different solid lines in your color key, but they look different because they  have 3 different widths.

Also, because we listen to our customers, EasyGrapher Professional 2004 comes with a complete, printed reference manual.

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